Entry for students aged 16+ is by audition only.

For entry criteria please click here.

For entry September 2021 auditions will be via video only. Applicants will be notified of required content upon receipt of a completed application form.

Applications can be accepted by post or online.

As a small, selective college, we are able to offer a flexible approach based on every individual applicants previous experience and are happy to discuss one year or two year options, as well as our three year full time training courses. For further details, please email [email protected]


To apply by post download an application form, complete and return to
The Centre PAC
The Studios
75 Campbell Road
ME15 6PY


To apply online please complete the application form below.

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Before you start!

Welcome to our online application form.

Before you submit your application form below, you will need to the following items which will be attached to your application:

  1. A personal statement detailing your course objectives and future ambitions
  2. One passport-sized digital photograph
  3. One full length digital photograph in dance wear
  4. A written reference from your current dance/performing arts teacher

Once you have these items ready, you can complete our application form below. Your progress will be saved if you leave this page (but only on this computer), and this will be available for up to 60 days.

Application Form
First name(s)
Date of birthdd/mm/yyyy
Address(including postcode)
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Home phone
Mobile phone
Full name of Parents / Guardians
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Address(only if different from above)
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Fathers occupation
Mothers occupation
SchoolsName of last/current academic school attended
Name of school
Full name of current dancing / performing arts school / college
TrainingPlease list last vocational examination taken, show grade and examining body eg ISTD, RAD etc. If no examination taken please state length of time subject studied.
GenreExamining Body (e.g. I.S.T.D., R.A.D.)GradeResultDate
Special skills / extrasPlease give details of any special skills, musical instruments played, vocal/choral experience or previous performing arts experience.
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As a CDMT affiliated college The Centre PAC is required to record details of all applicants in the interest of widening access and participation in the performing arts:

Ethnic originsPlease tick the box to describe your ethnic origins (this information is for monitoring purposes only and does not affect our audition process)
Health/DisabilityPlease tick any box which best describes you (this information is for monitoring purposes only and does not affect our audition process)
Personal statementPlease detail your course objectives and future ambitions.
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How did you hear about The Centre PAC?
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How do you intend to fund the course at The Centre PAC?
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Passport photographPlease upload a digital passport-sized photograph
Upload Passport Photo
Full-length photographPlease upload a digital full-length photograph in dance wear.
Upload Full-Length Photo
Medical Assessment
Are you registered disabled?Please select yes or no
Please provide details of disability
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Have you broken any bones, joints or suffered any spinal injuries?Please select yes or no
Please provide a list with dates and details of any treatments
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Have you had any serious diseases, blood disorders or heart conditions?e.g. Glandular Fever, HIV (please select yes or no)
Please provide details including dates
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Do you suffer from any respiratory diseases or problems (including Asthma)?Please select yes or no
Please provide details of respiratory problems
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Do you have any record of hay fever, eczema, allergies or skin conditions?Please select yes or no
Please provide details
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Do you suffer from any eye, ear or throat problems?Please select yes or no
Please provide details
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Do you have any record of migraines, blackouts or epilepsy?Please select yes or no
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Have you ever had any surgery?Please select yes or no
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Do you have any history or depression, anxiety states, other nervous disorders or neurological conditions?e.g. Autism, Aspergers Syndrome (please select yes or no)
Please provide details
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Are you currently taking any medication?Please select yes or no
Is this medication prescribed by your doctor?Please select yes or no
Please provide details of the medication you are taking
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Do you have any record of weight problems?Please select yes or no
Please provide details
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Do you smoke?Please select yes or no
Please provide details of how many cigarettes you smoke per day
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Are there any other conditions not covered by the above questions that you feel may affect your training?Please select yes or no
Please provide details
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Enter voucher code
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ReferenceI give The Centre PAC permission to approach my current dance/performing arts school for a reference.
Applicant declaration
Parent/Guardian declaration

In accordance with The Centre PAC Data Protection Policy. If your application is unsuccessful this form and all information contained within will be destroyed and deleted from our system.