Our courses.

Whether your goal is to become a professional dancer, musical theatre performer or a qualified teacher of dance our courses will help you achieve your dream.


…so all thanks go to you because if I hadn’t come to The Centre where would I be now?
Christopher Eracleous, Graduate
Inspirational teachers and incredible facilities. The Centre PAC is my home from home.
Charlotte I'Anson, Graduate
The great thing about college being small is that it allows you to have consistent individual feedback from the teachers everyday and the close supportive environment allows you to experience and be apart of your peers journeys not just your own.
Laura Francis, Graduate
If you had to ask me now if this was my dream as a child…
…The Centre is far beyond my dream.
Amanda Ardas, Graduate

The Diploma in Theatre Performance course is designed to prepare students for the highly competitive world of todays performance industry.

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The Diploma in Teaching Studies course is designed to produce highly competent teachers of dance.

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