Outstanding teaching and fantastic opportunities

Georgia Hartley, Graduate

I value all the time I get working with industry professionals

Robson Broad, Student

Thank you ‘The Centre PAC’ and the amazing teaching faculty, for encouraging me to achieve my full potential as a professional dancer and teacher.

Lynne Pritchard, Graduate

The personal feedback you get from all teachers is phenominal

Lucy Robinson, Graduate

Working with The Centre PAC Patron, Robert Scott has shown me how important learning the legitimate style of musical theatre is.

Tyler Martin, Student


The Centre PAC offers two courses for learners who wish to explore the choreographic process and develop their creative skills.

Diploma in Performance and Teaching Studies

Our ground breaking three year, full time course is designed to produce outstanding performers, innovative choreographers and inspirational dance teachers for learners who are passionate about performing in the dance and musical theatre industries but who also want a more diverse and sustainable career path.

Diploma in Teaching Studies

Our highly regarded course for learners who wish to focus solely on teaching dance and developing creativity. This course encompasses the ISTD teaching qualifications Diploma in Dance Education (DDE) and Diploma in Dance Pedagogy (DDP) alongside our rigorous vocational training in a wide range of dance genres, to equip learners to teach in a wide range of settings.

The creative module is designed to equip learners with the tools to allow them to deepen their knowledge of movement and explore the many facets of the choreographic process.

Tutor Led Classes

  • Developing understanding of the fundamental principles of choreography and the choreographic process
  • Offering exposure to the potential of the body being utilised as an expressive tool
  • Expanding knowledge of music and its influence choreographically


  • Creating short sequences in varying styles for different age groups, taking into account cognitive and physical development
  • Creating sequences to a diverse range of musical genres
  • Choreographing solos suitable for different levels
  • Conceiving, planning and choreographing an original piece of dance for a chosen group
  • Researching and working with different influences as a means of stimulus to create original choreographic pieces

Collaborative Workshops:

    Fostering collaborative skills alongside creative and choreographic skills by working as part of a company to conceive, develop and produce performance pieces.